KLUBB Par-kväll

KLUBB Par-kväll! Vi välkomnar par som vill leva ut och ha kul i Eventavdelningen. Kl. 20.00-01.00.

There is Stockholm's largest bed, tandem sex-slings, a bondage cross (St. Andrews cross) and other fun!
There is also a room where you can show yourself to the other visitors if you want to, without them being able to "participate in the act", extra fantastic for exhibitionists and voyeurists! It is a place that has been incredibly appreciated by our visitors, regardless of which side they are on! Of course, there are also screens where a large selection of movies are rolling all the time.

During our event/theme evenings, we keep our event area available specifically for those visiting the event. This means that the rest of bion's visitors cannot enter the event area during that time, but the event's visitors can move freely inside both the event area and the rest of bion's spaces.

Our event area can also be rented for more private games, separate swingers parties, GB, yes for the most part actually! It is also possible to contact us if you have other specific wishes and thoughts and we will try to meet your needs!



2024 jun 26


Events department


Events department

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