Our 400 square meter club with cinema and cruising area is a true playground with mazes, glory holes, slings, dark room and many smaller rooms, including five rooms with big screens and comfortable sofas, four rooms equipped with special aids and video cabins if you want it more private.
We show around + 100 films in different genres.

There is also a nice lounge area where we offer coffee and you can also buy drinks and snacks from us, all to make our visitors feel as comfortable as possible.

Want to be naked or change? Lockable lockers and towels are available.
You can also leave your clothes and personal belongings at the cash desk for safekeeping.

Our cinema is frequented by both singles and couples, of all genders, orientations and ages.

Many people ask what times there is the best chance to meet e.g. couples and women with us and our only answer is: The couples/women come whenever they want during the day, evening and night and it can never be predicted by us in the staff, nor will we ever tell other visitors who is inside the cinema.
The men who are interested in meeting/watching couples and women with us can read more here.


Admission to the Club:
Sun - Thurs: 150 kr/person
Fri - Sat: 200 kr/person
Sun - Thurs Youth 18-25 years (show ID): 100 kr/person
Pensioners: 100 kr (only before 15.00



Check out the map below!


Here you will find Stockholm's largest bed, tandem sex-slings, a bondage cross (St. Andrew's cross) and other fun things!
There is also a room where you can show yourself to other visitors if you want to, without them being able to "take part in the act", extra fantastic for exhibitionists and voyeurists! It's a place that's been incredibly popular with our visitors, no matter which side they've been on!
Of course, there are also screens where a large selection of movies are always on.

Our events area is open to all visitors to the library on most days and times, but with the exception of our event/theme nights and times when the area is rented out.

During our event/theme evenings, we keep our event area available specifically for those visiting the event. This means that the club's remaining visitors cannot enter the event area during that time, but the event's visitors can move freely inside both the event area and the rest of the cinema's spaces.

Vår eventavdelning går även att hyra för mer privata lekar, separata swingerssällskap, GB, ja för det mesta faktiskt! Det går även bra att kontakta oss om du har andra specifika önskemål och tankar så ska vi försöka tillgodose dina/era behov! OBS! Vi kommer för närvarande och för ett tag framöver inte hyra ut eventavdelningen för Gangbangs eller liknande tillställningar där det är en eller några få kvinnor och desto fler män. Event för swingers och gruppträffar är däremot helt okej.


Event/Theme evenings:
Wednesdays 20.00 - 01.00 - Couples
Torsdagar 18.00 – 23.00 – Naket för män
Saturdays 20.00 - 02.00 - Couples

Check out the News - sometimes there is more info on the evening's theme there!

Theme MEN NAKED on Thursdays!

We keep our event area available for all men and people with fully or partially masculine gender identity who love to be naked on these nights. The rest of the cinema's visitors cannot enter the event area during that time, but on the other hand, those who are part of the event can move freely in both the event area and in the rest of the cinema's spaces, ie the rest of the cinema is open to everyone even during the nude evenings. There is also a place where the naked can show themselves to other visitors if they want, without the other visitors being able to "participate in the act". There is also Stockholm's largest bed, sex sling and other fun stuff!
Admission: 150 SEK/per person (youth 18-25 years: 100 SEK), the ticket is valid until closing.

Så oavsett om det är exhibitionism, nudism eller bara hederligt nakensex som lockar så har vi den perfekta platsen för det så länge en ingår i kategorin eventet vänder sig till! OBS: Inga påklädda får vistas i eventavdelningen under dessa kvällar, det enda tyg som tillåts är mindre handdukar (som vi delar ut).  Låsbara omklädningsskåp finns att hyra och vi delar ut små handdukar till alla. Välkomna! Varje torsdag, start kl. 18.00.


- No always means no!
- No prostitution (sex buyers are reported to the police)
- No photography/filming
- No drugs or alcohol
- Don't disturb others and respect what they say
- Don't knock or pull on closed doors
- Keep a lower tone of voice
- General respect 

Map of the cinema and events department